Are you writing the next big thing in fiction? Are you bidding to win? Are you making a pitch for an innovation so wild most people wouldn’t believe it? Are you writing a dissertation that you need someone to look over?

Sometimes, you can have all these outstanding ideas, know all these awesome facts, and yet still struggle with getting it from pen to paper with out it all merging and melding like badly mixed paint.

This is where I come in. I can take the raw stone that is your idea and polish it up so it sparkles like the jewel I know it is.

How do I do this?

I get to know you. 

I talk to you, learn about and understand your story, your project or your product.

I research.

I do my own background reading, seeing what else is out there on the topic.

I make it sing.

I will sell you, your book, your company… Give an inch and I’ll make it a mile!

I think about the reader.

I consider the audience and make sure the language is suitable and readable.

I save you time. 

You can spend the time you would have spent staring at pages, being unable to see the wood for the trees, doing something productive! (Believe me, I remember those days!)

If this is a service that you think may be useful for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Nancy proofread my dissertation within two days. She engaged with the topic and her comments and alterations were clear and to the point.

Her responsiveness and communication helped me deal with my deadline stress.

Christina, University College London, MSc Urban Studies